Memory Jar

About Us


Not long ago, families would be together. We’d create the purest forms of content in the absence of modern technology.
 We’d keep it all safe and protected for future generations. Today, we create and post as individuals –
 feeling more exposed, yet seemingly less connected to one another.

There has to be a better way.


Using best-in-class safe technology, Memory Jar provides a private platform
to bring back the past while protecting the future.


Explore the past. Capture the present. Send to the future. 
We give the power back to users and their families.

James Lewis,

James is an ex-professional athlete who moved into the digital space with VIRUL. Completing over 50 campaigns the last two years with Toronto’s top brands such as the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, Bacardi and F45.

While playing professional hockey in Denmark, James ran into a personal problem. After losing a close family member overseas who he hadn’t met, he had trouble trying to piece together that key individuals life story. 

James hopes that Memory Jar can help solve this personal issue for him.  Allowing families all over the world to better know and appreciate their lineage and heritage.

William Cane,

William has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to climb the ranks of corporations in managerial and team lead positions. Some highlights include Director, President, and CEO roles in his own ventures or as a brought-in hire.

Justice Dundas,
Chief Technical Officer

Justice brings a unique balance of both specialized technical ability and business acumen to the role of Chief Technical Officer.

Devoted to being an operations first executive, Justice’s passion for programming has earned him leadership roles as both a Senior Developer and  a CTO in the tech industry. Over the years, Justice has succeeded in leading teams through designing distributed financial data aggregation and algorithmic trading systems, logistics systems and e-commerce web applications. With a passion for implementing machine learning, and distributed systems. Justice continues to shift gears in the building of his knowledge base.

“Memory Jar has the power to shift status based media consumption to emotionally driven memories which create intergenerational value for every family on a global scale.”

Christian Stefaniw,
Software Developer Intern

Christian attends the University of Waterloo in the Computer Science program while also studying Business at the Wilfrid Laurier University through the Double Degree program. As Memory Jar’s lead intern, Christian remains active in his role year-round, showcasing his strong work ethic and dedication to the team. Christian’s passion for technology development is deep-rooted and self-driven. 

Prior to his acceptance to Computer Science, Waterloo, while still in high school, Christian was already proving himself as an asset to corporate teams as a full-stack intern in Downtown Toronto. It is Christian’s goal to continue growing his reputation as an exceptional young professional by making a true impact in the tech space with the launch of Memory Jar.

Shreeji Patel,
Android Developer

As an Android Developer for Memory Jar, Shreeji draws on his experience of working with large firms on high security and technical projects in software development. Having developed many platforms on his own, or with teams, concept to creation is a familiar and embraced process for Shreeji. 
Ambition to achieve has remained core to Shreeji’s values since the beginning of his journey into the tech industry. As an international student graduating from Computer Science  Engineering at University Of Windsor, he succeeded in his mission to enter the tech space on his own, far away from home.
Today with education and key industry experience behind him, the same ambition to achieve drives Shreeji to build Memory Jar – a product that holds incredibly deep meaning for him.
“For me, this is bigger than any other software development project. Memory Jar is an application that bridges the gap for people like me whose first home and family are far away.Beyond this personal element, I truly believe Memory Jar solves a much larger issue of family connection in today’s digital world.”