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– amazing coincidences

– great sandwiches

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Mindful Martini Anyone?

If you walk into our kitchen in the morning and see an empty martini glass by the sink, it usually means one of two things, 1) It was an enjoyable evening, or 2) It was an, “I am tempted to leave this house and never look back” type of evening. I was reminded this... read more

The Side Effects of Mindfulness

The more time I spend thinking about mindfulness, and ways to share it for Memory Jar, the more I realize the amazing and unexpected side effects of training myself to pay attention to the small moments. Earlier tonight our 2 year old daughter wanted a snack bar, an... read more

Absorbing a Moment

The other day I was siting on the couch across from my five and two year old girls. They were being incredibly sweet with one another in their imaginative play. It was a moment where they had my full attention. I sat there and absorbed it, I even felt that my face... read more


Yesterday, I spent about 12 hours in front of this computer. As I am sure you are aware, we launched the new version of Memory Jar and there is a lot to do. We are adding art and copy to the site as fast as possible, plus the more usage we get the more we learn about... read more

Living & Loving Life with Mindfulness

  Mindfulness and family, we struggle to live those words. How can we be mindful of the present moment and experience all the wonders and curiosities of life when we are driving so hard to achieve goals for the future? How can we ever truly be present in our... read more

Start Your Memory Jar for Free — Purchase when it is Full            Start My Jar!

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